eBay: A Step by Step Guide for Making Your First Sale

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eBay: Making Your First Sale

Do you have unwanted items laying around your home? Are you out of storage space? Instead of piling more and more into your closet, simply sell these items on eBay. eBay is an online auction site where more than 145 million active users buy, sell, and trade in 39 markets around the world. Follow these steps listed below and you too can become an eBay guru.

1. Select the items to sell.

Take a stroll though your home or storage unit and pull out anything that is unwanted. Keep in mind that name-brand items are much easier to market and, thus, sell than generic items. Also, most eBay transactions involve shipping a product. As a result, small and light items are the easiest to move. Can you ship a weight bench? Sure, but do you really want to?

2. Gather item details.

To gather item details, look for manufacturer serial numbers and then search for them online. Often, you can find the item for sale in other locations. A “copy and paste” function is all it takes to get your item listed. For clothing, pay special attention to sizing, material, and overall condition, as all of this is required information on the listing page. Often times, taking notes about the items and then listing in bulk is faster than looking up specifics as you go through each listing.

3. Take pictures.

This is where you will be a winner or a loser! Pictures are by far the most important part of a listing. When taking pictures, make sure the item looks as good as it can, your location has proper lighting, and the camera is capable of taking high quality photos. Remember, if you’re going to spend extra time throughout the listing process, this is the time to do it.

4. List your item.

If you are a new eBay seller, you might have selling limits on your account. Do not fear! Every single seller has some form of limits, even if it is no more than 250,000 sales a month. Try your best to list each item accurately and strive to include all information that you would want to see if you were in the buyer’s shoes.

5. Watch it sell.

Start with just a few items listed at a time to ensure that you offer your customers the best possible experience. Try to answer any questions that might come up in a timely manner and give honest responses. Nothing is worse than losing a sale because of a unanswered question. Remember saying “I don’t know” is better than saying nothing at all.

6. Get paid and get rid of it.

Thankfully, once your item sells, eBay handles the majority of the payment collection process. The winning bidder will transfer funds into your PayPal account. Once this occurs, you will have a few days to ship your item. You can print a shipping label directly on eBay and then drop of the package at any USPS location.

7. After the sale: Follow Up

Feedback is like gold on eBay and truly is what separates the professionals from the scam artists. A few days after the package is delivered, take a second and send a follow up message asking if the buyer was pleased with it. If they were, it is 100% okay to ask for positive feedback. In doing this, just make sure you’ve already left the buyer feedback.

– Christopher Carter

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