Why we love using website templates?

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The first step is admitting it: Yes, it’s true we are addicted to using website templates. Can you really have too much of a good thing though?We think not. As the leading template marketplace, we may be biased but we have our reasons! Let’s take a look at just 9 of them.

1. Tried and tested.

Would you purchase something off of Amazon without a single customer review? Probably not. If you put that much thought into routine purchases from Amazon, why wouldn’t you for something as important as your business’s website?

When it comes right down to it, with “from scratch” websites there’s no telling what you’re going to get. You may enjoy the surprise, but only if it turns out exactly (or better than) the way you envisioned it. Web designers certainly aren’t mind readers and there isn’t a guarantee their vision will align with yours.

Say goodbye to guessing games and hello to website templates.

Having a website template that has been used by others is a huge advantage: someone else has already tested the waters. If the template is a usability flop, it wouldn’t have made the theme provider’s cut to begin with.

2. Designed to convert.

How much do you really know about conversion optimization? If the answer is nothing, not a problem! Any decent website template these days is designed with conversion as a priority. A professional has already thought of it so you don’t have to.

Most templates are designed with built-in calls to action. With proper content and offers, these will really help you move visitors through your sales funnel and convert them into customers.

3. Customizable.

Gone are the days in which website templates were carbon copies of each other. Website templates have taken customization to a whole new level. Now you can find a template you like the look of and make it completely your own.

Features like buttons, fonts, images, colors, logos, and even the website structure itself can be transformed to complement your unique branding. Besides, there are thousands of website templates and themes available online. The likeliness of you stumbling upon the same template as your own is extremely low.

4. Easy to edit.

Picture this: inspiration strikes and you have decided to add an additional service to your website. Right in time too, since you’ll be handing out business cards at a big networking event this weekend.

You log into the backend of your website, ready to type up a storm on your exciting new service, when – oh no! – a jumble of code. How are you supposed to rearrange the page to your liking? How are you supposed to do much of anything to your website without a fluency in code?

There’s nothing left to do but send an urgent message to your web designer. Drat! You receive an instant email stating that your web designer is on vacation for the next two months…

Website templates, on the other hand, were born to be edited. No need to tackle mountains of code or to call up your web designer each time you need to make an edit. Most templates feature user friendly “drag and drop” and visual editors.

Depending on your experience, you may run into an occasional scenario which calls for professional help. If you’re not quite sure how to customize your website template, reach out to designers that offer website template editing. It’s far more affordable than hiring someone to build your entire website and allows you to stick with a dependable template foundation.

5. Affordable.

Forget about spending thousands on a shot in the dark. With website templates, what you see is what you get. You can find a plethora of expensive looking designs without the costly price tag.

Most website templates will run you less than having dinner out – easily under $100. All that money you saved can be better spent on marketing, new office supplies, or the shiny red motorcycle you’ve been eying.

6. Search engine optimized.

In 2018, you can count on the vast majority of website templates to be built on a solid base of search engine optimization best practices. Crossing your fingers post website launch does not count as an effective SEO strategy.

If your website is set up without regard for SEO, there isn’t much point of having a website to begin with. Most website templates are structured with SEO best practices. This gives you a solid base to build out content on.

7. Mobile friendly.

Not just mobile friendly, but tablet friendly, desktop friendly, and really everything friendly. Responsive web design is a must-have which will ensure your website displays properly on all screen sizes. You can shop website templates with confidence knowing that it’s very rare to find one that isn’t mobile friendly.

8. Features galore.

Add heaps of additional functions to your website by installing plugins. Plugins have changed the game for website templates and allow you to do almost anything without complicated code.

Think about it this way: it’s easier to become an expert in one small area over attempting to become one in every area. The developers of plugins have tinkered with them until they’ve reached perfection. With popular plugins, you can count on professional results created by an expert.

9. The user doesn’t care about “custom” web design.

We’ve run into certain individuals who will actually stick their noses up at the idea of website templates. “Custom is the only way,” they’ll say. These are usually the same people selling custom websites at 30k+ a pop.

The truth of the matter is your audience doesn’t care.

What website users do care about is loading speed, usability, and design. They cannot tell nor does it make a difference to them if you’ve spent thousands on a “custom” design. Besides, as we’ve already covered, practically every element of a website template can be altered and adjusted to your liking.

Designers will often spend years perfecting templates, versus the month or so spent on individual custom designs.

So, is custom web design ever a better idea?

Yes! While we’re big fans of website templates, we completely understand why some people choose to build their website from the ground up.

Custom web design is a great option for those with very unique, complex needs. Although quite rare, some websites need to perform functions that could never be found in a website template.

Know a website designer who wants to build you a website for free? This is another instance in which custom web design may be the right route for you. Ensure that you’ve gone over their portfolio with a fine tooth comb though, free can have a price tag if your website turns out poorly.

At Present Website, we’re amazed everyday at the way our clients are able to transform their websites – and businesses – with beautiful website templates and themes. See for yourself how easy it can be with the right template!

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