Main Causes That Slow Down Your Website

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We are living in the age of speed and in an order to win the competition; you need to move faster to meet your steps with it. If your website is slow, it’ll test the patience of your visitors and give them an undeniable reason to shift to your competitors. Thus, to hold on your existing customers and making the new ones, you need to improve your efforts or the speed of your website. Well, identifying the problem and its root cause help you find out the best way possible to deal with it. Want to know about the causes, which are actually killing your website performance? Scroll down and get to know more.

  • Wrong Image Size: Well if you do not have much technical knowledge so it is hard for you to believe that image size can affect the speed of your website. But it is a true fact that if you upload heavy files or images on your website, so, it slowed down its speed. Here, it is more than just important to optimize the images before using them further on the website.
  • Bad Coding Practice: Another thing that affects the speed of your website is the use of improper or poor coding. Yes, it plays a major role in the web development and you need to improve it for the purpose of boosting the speed of your website. Make sure you use the light and clean code while developing your website.
  • Unreliable Web Hosting: If you are using the poor web hosting, it may put a poor impact on the speed of your website. Therefore, choosing a reliable and trustworthy web hosting is important and you need to choose it wisely to ensure the speed of your website.
  • Low-Quality Servers: Like web hosting, poor choice of the server can also be the reason that kills your website speed. You need to choose a server that has sufficient space to improve the speed of your website.

These are some of the main causes that kill the speed of your website and make sure you take some positive steps to solve the problem. These minor problems can be major if you keep avoiding them, and poor speed of your website means poor user experience that kills your brand image in the market. Just to cut the crap and make things clear, you need to adopt best practices to improve the speed and performance of your website.

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