How to secure your website by Changing WordPress Admin Login URL?

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When you create a website with WordPress, I am pretty sure you always took care of things like catchy features, engaging content, awesome layout and pinch of right security plugins to immune your website from malicious spammers. However, even after all this tangible customization and intangible security, there is a threat of being hacked! Surprised? Of course, you’re. Not many of us had noticed but there can be a very little flaw which might cause or result in a bizarre security breach for your website and you might not like it. All WordPress websites have the same login-URL by default, i.e. wp-login.php Well, you might think, what can somebody do if they have my login URL, but let me be very honest with you about this. If they can know your login URL, it is the matter of anticipating your password, which by luck they might strike. Ok, I agree, you have a very strong alphanumeric password with the fusion of lower and upper case letters and symbols. Yet, being in your login URL, they can down your site and I am pretty sure you’re not going to like it. I didn’t mean to scare you off, however, it is a very genuine threat everyone should be aware of. How to avoid such circumstances? Well, the answer is very sleek and simple. Change your login URL. Let’s get started and now allow me to give you the solution for this notorious problem.

Changing your login URL

As I promised the answer is simple. All you have to do is download and activate a plugin. And that plugin is WPS Hide Login. It is a super lite plugin which enables you to change your login URL in the easiest way. It simply intercepts the page request and makes the page inaccessible. It did not rename any file in core. Also, it didn’t change any rule not it add any new rule. It actually made the admin directory and wp-login.php page impassable. It is advised to remember your new credentials, you can also bookmark them.


Another facet of this plugin is that it supports the multi site without testing the sub-domains. You can set a network-wide default after activating it for a network.

This plugin is lite as it has only one option in General setting. To activate it you just have to go to the General setting and select a login URL which should not be scripted by any bot. And you’re protected from all the upcoming calamities.

Second Plugin for modifying WordPress login URL

Now, in order to change WordPress login URL, you can also choose other plugins over WPS Hide Login. Many users prefer Rename wp-login.php plugin over WPS Hide Login. This is also a light plugin to change login URLs. One plus point of using this plugin is whenever you uninstall it, it will change your login URL to the default one. Let’s go through how to activate it and use it.


How to activate and Configure Rename wp-login.php Plugin?

As this plugin is light, it is very easy to install. All you have to do is go to the plugin sections, after which you have to select New and enter search credentials as Rename wp-login. It is then followed by two simple clicks, one on Install option and second on Activate. Once you’re done with the activation, you’ve to go through the permalink section located in the settings. Now, change your URL and you’re done. Now, if someone enters your default login URL, it will show an error message. This message is a proof that you’re immune from the grip of hackers.


If you face any difficulty in changing the login URL, please let me know through comments and share it to help others as well.

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