Top Ways to Increase Website Visitors to Your Blog

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When you launch a blog, it is like a single house built in an island. You have to tell others about your blog for them to know it exists and you have to be strategic about it too. There are many ways to increase website visitors to your blog but some are better than others. If you desire long-term website traffic without breaking the bank, you should start implementing the methods discussed below sooner than later.

Publish Unique Content Regularly

Regular content publishing on your blog or as guest posts can benefit you tremendously in so many ways. Firstly, it establishes you as an authority in your field. Secondly, you are constantly in front of your potential customers and readers. Remember, statistically speaking, it takes up to 7 times for you to expose a product or service (i.e. your blog this time) to your avid readers before they will take the desired action expected from them.

But writing articles and blog posts regularly involves a lot of hard work and variables such as the time to research ideas and do the actual writing. Also, content marketing is another element in this process of actively promoting your blog in your industry. You don’t just publish your articles and relax; thinking all has been done and well. You need sound content strategy to deliver the goods.

If you’re a blog owner with passion or flair for writing, that’s okay. Researching blog post ideas and writing content will not pose any problem. But if you hate writing, you can partner and hire freelance content writer to do it for you. Depending on your niche market and competition for your target keywords, you have to create a tight content schedule and follow it faithfully in order to stand out from the crowd.

You don’t just write and publish content on your blog for the sake of it. No! You have to provide solutions to the problems which your target audience is grappling with in your blog post. You may not answer all the questions for your readers if you have a product or service you are selling to complement the blog post which you have published. Yes, you may not deliver all the information your readers are searching for but it has to be sufficient enough to prove that you’re the go-to expert in your field.

For you to be able to target relevant content that your readers are looking for, you have to follow trends in your industry, hang out with them in online communities where they congregate and listen to their concerns, and so on. There are tools you can deploy to make the job easy for you. It includes Google Trends, keyword research tools, niche market forums or email marketing software.

Email Marketing

Blog marketing is a never-ending task if you want to continually experience online business success. The biggest challenge you will face as an online entrepreneur is that you can only do so much in a day. So, if website visitors come to your blog and there is no way for you to get their information and use it to engage them in the future, you may have lost potential customers forever.

However, with email marketing software, you have a chance to get your readers’ email addresses that are willing to listen to you again in exchange for a free gift from you. Basically, the free gift should provide solution to one or more problems which your target market is looking for answers. It could be a free eBook, video, podcast, just to name a few.

For you to seamlessly set up an autoresponder, you need to invest in the following items:

-Register a domain name

-Buy web hosting

-Subscribe to reliable email service provider (ESP)

Investing in the above items should be less than $30 in monthly out-of-pocket expenses. This will help you to build a website, install WordPress blog and publish articles on your blog. From there you can continue to increase your website visitors and communicate with your email subscribers at will.

You can promote your blog posts, product or service, affiliate products or even take surveys from your email list of subscribers as long as you keep them engaged. Personally, I have been email list for over five years now and still counting. I have invested in e-books and videos from these product owners. it is as simple as that!

Share Your Content on Social Media Regularly

The smartest way now to get the word out about your blog or what you are doing is through social media. I am talking about,,, etc. Through these social networks you can tell your connections (and their connections) about the latest things happening in your online business.

I know what you are thinking; you can’t be everywhere in your internet business. This is why you have to continually analyze the numbers to see if your business is profitable. A lot of website owners and bloggers outsource these tasks so that they can focus on key result areas in their businesses. If you conscientiously follow the above top ways to increase website visitors to your blog, I can assure you positive ROI (return on investment) in a matter of months.

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