Web Design for Small Business – Are You Making These Mistakes?

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Simple or Irrelevant Images

Images and graphics play an important role in web design. Images easily capture the interest of visitors and are able to communicate complex thoughts faster than read text. In this regard, a lot of companies make use of low-quality or irrelevant images. Poor quality images can harm their websites and put off visitors. In the same way, irrelevant images can confuse viewers and make them guess the message that businesses are trying to convey.

Hidden Navigation

Navigation has a huge effect on a website’s popularity. Since people live in a rapidly changing world, they like everything delivered fast so when it takes too long to get what they need/want from a site, they will leave immediately. Hard to find navigation menu is another common mistake in web design. It can be frustrating to visit a website and not be able to locate the search bar/menu. So, businesses should see to it that their website is easy to navigate.

Missing Their Target

Small business owners understand the importance of knowing their target audience. For this reason, they spend time to create customer profiles and figure out ways to capture the attention of consumers. This is also crucial in web design. Websites draw certain types of visitors because of how they look and feel. There are websites that look very professional, some look trendy and cool and still, others are lively and fun. At times, websites reach out to many different audiences. It is not a good idea to cater to a wide rage of customers because their website will eventually become disorganized. Therefore, they should identify, profile and cater to their target audience.

Lack of Contact Details

Another common mistake is lack of contact information. One of the most critical moments is when visitors decide on making a purchase from a website. It is therefore important to display the necessary contact information they need once they choose to do business with a company. If visitors find it hard to search for the contact details, they will become frustrated and transfer to another site. A ‘Contact Us’ page should be easy to find and click on. Or else, information is displayed at the bottom of all pages.

Ads in the Wrong Places

In the world of web design, advertising is an unavoidable step particularly on blogs, which is considered as one of the main streams of income. Too many noisy and flashy ads, though, can irritate visitors and make companies lose business. Therefore, it is crucial for them to closely analyze their ads. If in any way they feel annoyed, this will have the same effect on their visitors. They should also pay close attention to pop-ups. These may be around again but they have to see to it that they can be closed right away and are not too big.

Businesses should take their target audience into consideration all the time in all the steps of the design process including planning and after launch analysis. When both are reconciled, they will have a remarkable website that reveals a great deal about their company, especially when digitally built.

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