Web Design Tips to Improve Bounce Rates

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Decrease time of loading.

Users do not like to wait for a long time. No one can be more impatient than a person who browses the web on a regular basis – he wants to get the information needed fast and without delay. If a web page takes longer to load, this tests his patience. Now that there are competitor websites with similar information that is readily available, there is no reason for users to wait long for a page to load – since they could get what they need somewhere else.

A website’s loading time can be reduced by optimizing its images and web code, as well as eliminating heavy scripts, plugins and widgets that are not needed.

It is also best for a loading message to have a timer or another indicator of progress. It is more likely for visitors to stick around when they know the exact time its takes to get access, rather than wait indefinitely for it to load.

Make it easy to navigate, access and read.

A website should be designed in such a way that is easy to navigate, so that visitors can access the information they need right away. When it is complicated in structure and the wording is hard to understand, visitors can get discouraged and move on to the next website they see.

In addition, website owners should see to it that they have legible text. It should not be so small that visitors will find it difficult to read, and yet not so big to look very unprofessional. To further enhance readability, the background and font should have sharp contrasting colors.

Go directly to the point.

The information provided should always be brief yet comprehensive. For visitors to stay focused, there should be no distractions and interruptions – like, for instance, a video (which is difficult to close) added above the content.

Keep your promises.

Visitors should not be lured in to get a copy if it cannot be delivered.

Interlink, recommend and relate.

A website that is built around posts (like for example a tech info/ gossip theme) requires more time for users to view. Time can be extended by using elements that point to relevant content.

When a visitor lands on a page with an article about cleaning a particular computer virus from its system, this should include links to other articles exploring similar topics (like antivirus software).

Hyperlinks could be added within the post to explain the terms plus methods in the latest post, as well as a recommendation for a reading. In this manner, the post where a visitor lands on serves as a gateway to other web pages.

Add multimedia.

This is fast turning into a world that forgets about the joys of reading. Aside from the cultural implications, this is not a good development in terms of the web. This is the time when text is the most repelling way to communicate. Nowadays, people would rather listen to music, play games and view images than just read plain text.

As a solution in terms of design context, web designers can make the content more appealing when it comes with an attractive video clip or related images. Since visuals can easily arouse interest and curiosity, they persuade visitors to read the text to get more info.

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