Three Crucial Points On How Responsive Web Design Affects SEO

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Mobiles and tablets are the latest trends in town. People are switching from desktops and laptops to their little devices just because of its super-portable nature and unparalleled usability. That is the reason almost everything you do in a desktop can be executed from your mobiles in today’s date. As a result, responsive web design is also experiencing a massive reception from the people around the globe.

When every little particle is coming online, it’s quite natural that internet will be a huge part of this phenomenon. And when we talk about the internet, mentioning websites is just matter of time. We have been quite used to with opening the websites on desktops. But now, mobiles are an integral part of our lives when it comes to visiting a website.

What is Responsive Web Design?

Responsiveness in the web designing world means fitting a website in various screen size and resolutions. So, the website you are visiting on your desktop can easily be accessed on your mobile or tablet without any side-wise scrolling. Each of the buttons and texts will fit your screen size and fingertips which is awesome in the world of busyness.

But what if I don’t make my website responsive?

As responsiveness is the trend, it is quite clear that if you don’t make your website responsive, it will have its own consequences! Besides the usability and accessibility, there’s much more to fear!

SEO is a vast part of your online business’s success. And ignoring responsive web design will be a lethal threat to your SEO (Search Engine Optimization). Today, we will discuss how your website’s SEO gets affected by your website’s responsiveness.

Bounce Rate

Bounce Rate is one of the factors of SEO which play pivotal roles in your website ranking. When a visitor lands on your website, he or she needs to spend an amount of time on your website and your website’s aesthetics, functionality, and information would persuade them to stay. When you don’t have a responsive website, the users browsing your website from mobile is not going to have a good experience in terms of usability. So, the end result would be closing your website i.e. bouncing back from your website. This would increase the bounce rate and you are losing in the race of SEO.

Site Usability

One of the big reasons visitors bounce back from your website is the site usability. Site usability is the metric by which we decide how much the site is usable to a particular user. When your website is not responsive and you need to scroll it horizontally on your mobile device, it will diminish the site usability. Users will bounce back from your website and they can land on your competitor’s site as well!

Page Load Time

Page loading time has popped up as one of the most crucial aspects of good website ranking in the recent few years. The studies have proven that on an average, a user stays 5 seconds on a website while loading before closing it. So, if you don’t make your website mobile responsive, it will take huge time to load. So, you can do the math and come to the conclusion what would happen if you don’t go for a responsive website design service.

The above three are the main disadvantages if you don’t avail mobile responsive websites. When you know the drawbacks of a non-responsive website, it would be the wisest decision for you to ask the website design company you’ve hired to make your website mobile responsive while designing.

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